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VWK9 is the most innovate forward-thinking & scientifically backed Private Sector K9 Company in the World. We are best known as the innovator and provider of the Vapor Detection Dog, developed to mitigate the risk of body-worn explosives and concealed firearms in mass pedestrian areas. VWK9 is the premier provider of multi-disciplined canine capabilities to some of the most renowned counter-terrorism units in the United States, we are recognized around the world for our K9 Handler and Supervisor Education, and we pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive, desirable and principled Canine Consultancy Program available today.

  • World’s fastest growing canine security provider.
  • First and only K9 service provider lab tested and verified by NCS4
  • World-Renowned Training Academy
  • 80+ Years of combined operational experience in hostile enviroments
  • 10 years of past performance in body-worn explosives detection
  • Exclusive Provider of School Safety Dogs® and Public Safety Canine™
2020 VWK9 Handler Education K9 Training School Brochure


Client Testimonials 

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Had the opportunity to meet the personnel and tour the facilities. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the flexibility of the training. Whatever your needs in canine protection, VWK9 can satisfy them.

Van Heibel
Home | Vapor Wake® K9 Detection Teams and Training

Awesome facility, professional and experienced trainers, the dog I adopted is a high drive and an awesome k9. I can’t wait to get certified with him, so he can do what he does best! Thanks, VWK9

Brandon Dugas
Home | Vapor Wake® K9 Detection Teams and Training

These guys rock. Handlers and K9s alike, they’ve earned the right to be called the best. They ensure each K9 gets retired properly as well. Top notch.

Timmy Norton
Home | Vapor Wake® K9 Detection Teams and Training

Well worth more than 5 stars! I traveled from St. Louis Missouri to Anniston Alabama to train and pick up a new partner. What an awesome company and fantastic employees. Everyone was great! They all welcomed me. The vapor wake training I was a part of was excellent! The trainers was very knowledgable and always willing to help you! I highly recommend VWK9! Thanks, VWK9!!!

Joseph Cogs

VWK9 Academy Facilities

As soon as a litter is born, the puppies’ training begins. Over the first 6-12 months, the future Vapor Detection dogs go through extensive social and environmental raising, supervised by the Canine Performance Sciences staff. Puppies are exposed to a variety of stimuli and environments in order to prepare them to work in loud, distracting, and crowded environments without losing focus.

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Past Performance

  • vapor wake dogs fighting terrorism in NYC

The Dogs Fighting Terrorism in NYC

New York's police force gets help in tracking bombers and the explosives they have left behind through well-trained dogs to amp security measures in the largest city in the US. Vapor Detection Dogs Our canines [...]

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