At VWK9 we recognize three types of explosive detection canines, all of them have their place and play significant yet a specific role in risk mitigation when it comes to explosive detection.

Traditional Explosive Detection Canines

Traditional Explosive Detection Canines have been the industry standard for decades.  These canines are trained to search productive areas such as buildings, vehicles, baggage, open areas and other areas for statically placed explosives.  They are not suited for body-worn explosive detection, as they do not see people as a productive area of search.

People Screening Canines

People screening Canines or Person-Borne Improvised Explosive Detection Canines are selected for their traditional detection traits but are additionally trained that people can be a productive area of search, and typically operate within 6 feet of a person to maintain higher explosive detection proficiency.  These types of canines can be highly effective in an Aviation type security setting where we channel people into controlled slow moving static lines, but can experience numerous operational shortfalls, such as limits on the number of people they can effectively screen at one time, stereotype individuals that resemble training targets and can be intrusive or offensive to people.

The reality is that Arenas, Stadiums & Entertainment Venues, and the NFL see Mass crowds moving unrestricted, and in a disorderly fashion. These types of operational environments are EXACTLY why over a decade of research and development, yielded the first scientifically proven explosive detection canine for body-worn or carried explosives, known as the patented Vapor Detection® Explosive Detection Canine (VW/EDC).

Vapor Detection Detection Canines

VWK9 is the innovator of body-worn explosive detection and the only provider in the industry that has actively deployed Vapor Detection® Canines for Mass Pedestrian Screening for the last decade.  Vapor Detection Canines are the only lab tested scientifically proven explosive detection canine, and our patented technology and training processes are a direct reflection of our unwavering commitment to excellence.

A VW/EDC screens non-obtrusively by sampling the air around people. They are obedient to the odor itself, and do not see people as searchable objects and are focused on the explosive odor and following to source.  Our Labradors are scientifically bred by Auburn University and typically undergo a Patented 18 month environmental & detection training process, each step is deliberate and essential to achieving the results that earn the canine the coveted title of Vapor Detection® and be representative of the VWK9 team, that holds the highest industry standard of proficiency, for body worn explosive detection.