Terror Attacks: The Toll on Resorts & Tourism

Terror Attacks on Soft Targets A Vapor Wake® handler team patrols the Las Vegas Convention Center. Source: Las Vegas Newswire A combination of enhanced security measures at traditional hard targets and changing terrorist strategy have resulted in an increased number of terrorist attacks against soft targets such as hotels and resorts in recent [...]

Don’t Gamble With Your Patrons’ Security

Building Better Resort Security Systems Casinos, hotels, and resorts—and all of the events held on their property—must be run in a way that protects the safety and security of all guests and patrons while still providing them with world class entertainment convenience and comfort. This cannot be achieved while we continue to ignore perimeter security [...]

Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority Adds 2 New Explosive Detection Canines

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has added two new Vapor Wake K9 teams after a $100,000 donation from the Consumer Technology Association who puts on the largest electronics event every year, CES. Bo and Wells are the two Vapor Wake explosive detection canines joining the LVCVA security teams. The two VWK9s will join [...]

University of South Carolina Adds 2 Vapor Wake K9s to Campus & Event Security

Two special Vapor Wake K9 teams have been added to the University of South Carolina's Division of Law Enforcement and Safety. The two teams are expected to help with keeping visitors and the campus community safe during large events including SEC sports events. Poppy and Sherri are the two female Vapor Wake dogs brought on [...]

The Dogs Fighting Terrorism in NYC

New York's police force gets help in tracking bombers and the explosives they have left behind through well-trained dogs to amp security measures in the largest city in the US. Vapor Wake Detection Dogs Auburn University created and patented Vapor Wake Detection Technology. Through our exclusive license of the breeding program and training program, our [...]

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Vapor Wake Canines Speed Up Chicago Airport Security Screening

With multiple pieces of luggage in hand, the regular passenger queues with mild horror every time he or she gets into an airport security line. The line is often long, and sometimes items from a bag are deemed suspicious by security officers only to have to return them once everything is cleared. At Chicago airports, [...]

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Labradors Imprisoned for Future Safety and Good Health

There is a Labrador named Opelika in Opelika, Alabama. She is in prison. Before you think that's cruel, please be informed that she has not committed a crime and that she will be released soon. She's just there to train with an inmate chosen by scientists so that once outside the prison gates, Opelika can [...]

Vapor Wake Labradors Fighting on the Front Lines of Terrorism

What do Apple CEO Tim Cook, Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, American Idol Taylor Hicks and a Labrador named Bell have in common? All of them have received training at Auburn University in Alabama. But while all the three humans are accomplished in their fields, no one among them is known for fighting terrorist threats like [...]

The Explosive Detection Canines That Protect The Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanksgiving day parade celebrations are made up of family, friends, and even man’s best friends, dogs. Many of us that gather for holiday festivities are thankful for the long weekend, the time spent amongst those we care about, and the time off from our workplace.  Many of our canine companions that join us in our [...]