Notre Dame Security Police Adds a Pair of Vapor Wake Dogs to Their Team

The University of Notre Dame added two out of the ordinary employees to their team this year. They go by Skeet and Toxi, and they are a highly trained pair of Labrador retrievers.  Skeet and Toxi are the newest members of the Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) team, paired with their handlers they are bringing [...]

Officer Tilly: Vapor Wake in Lexington, Kentucky

In June 2017, the Lexington Police Department debuted their newest addition, a four-legged furry friend armed with a state-of-the-art training and a discriminating nose. At Rupp Arena, Tilly, the two-year-old Lab was showcased to the city and police officials. Tilly the Vapor Wake Dog Certified Vapor Wake dogs are rigorously trained to track and sniff [...]

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Mobile Bomb Sniffing Dogs: The Key to Concert Security?

Traditional Explosive Detection Canines have been the industry standard for decades.  These canines are trained to search productive areas such as buildings, vehicles, baggage, open areas and other areas for statically placed explosives. People screening Canines or Person-Borne Improvised Explosive Detection Canines are selected for their traditional detection traits but are additionally trained that people [...]

Getting to Know the Vapor Wake Dog

A defender and a best friend, dogs make perfect companions. If you care for your dog, he will be forever loyal and stay by your side. The same is true for the Vapor Wake Dog.  Auburn University's Canine Performance Science Program started research sixteen years ago that led to our patented technology—the Vapor Wake Dog. So, [...]

Gunnar: Bomb Detecting Dog at Fort Collins Police Services (FCPS)

Fort Collins Police Services happily reported that they had added a K9 to their team named Gunnar. A black Labrador retriever, Gunnar is 21-months old and came from the highly acclaimed Auburn University K9 breeding and training program in exclusive partnership with  VWK9, LLC. Getting to Know Gunnar Gunnar was selected from a dedicated breeding [...]

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VWK9 Primed to Modernize Security in Professional Sports

VWK9 is the premier provider of Vapor Wake® Explosive Detection Canines also knowns as VW/EDC. These canines have the capability to carry out mass screening in high-pedestrian traffic areas for carried or body-worn explosives. VWK9s training techniques and protocols are so advanced allowing them to leverage the scenting capability of canines to address the increased [...]

3 Types of Explosive Detection Canines

At VWK9 we recognize three types of explosive detection canines, all of them have their place and play significant yet a specific role in risk mitigation when it comes to explosive detection. Traditional Explosive Detection Canines Traditional Explosive Detection Canines have been the industry standard for decades.  These canines are trained to search productive areas [...]