Vapor Wake® K9 (VWK9) is Canada’s leader in explosive & weapons detection K9 teams for sales and services to policing, transportation, and event security organizations. Vapor Wake® dogs trained using VWK9’s and Auburn Universities patented K9 technology are disciplined in multiple risk mitigation services including the detection of body-worn explosive devices and firearms.

As a full spectrum K9 service provider, VWK9 offers excellence in handler education for police, military, private K9 security companies, and individuals, we also sell trained or untrained dual or single-purpose pointed ear breeds for Law enforcement or Military applications. VWK9 through our Ontario-based team is the only provider of the elite mass screening K9 technology Vapor Wake® in Canada.

Vapor Wake® explosive & weapons detection dogs are trained using a patented scientific process that makes them the most versatile detection dog on the market today. Our teams are capable of screening large groups of people unobtrusively and without impeding the flow of movement, our dogs are perfectly suited for areas at an increased risk of a terrorist attack or with high pedestrian traffic flows such as:

  • Stadiums & Arenas

  • Public & Corporate Events

  • Festivals & Concerts

  • Hotels & Resorts

  • Casinos & Tourist Attractions

  • Cruise Terminals & Harbours

  • Airports & Train Stations

  • Nuclear Power Stations

  • Correctional Facilities & Border Crossings

  • Theme Parks & Water Parks

Why Partner With Vapor Wake® Canada?

  • Scientifically developed & patented program to detect body-worn explosives & weapons

  • The only laboratory tested K9 detection technology in the World

  • Vapor Wake® certification issued by a renowned veterinary university

  • Best in business liability insurance including terrorism perils

  • Dogs are trained on live substances only, including TATP, HMTD

  • Executive management team with 100+ combined years of counter-terrorism strategy

  • International award nominees in the category of threat detection

  • Safety Act certified for our traditional EDD services

  • Three of our executive management team sit on Transport Canada’s working group on EDDHT’s

  • Two of our executive management team are contributing to the establishment of National standards on working dog and handler education with the standards council of Canada

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Derek O’Rourke

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Vapor Wake® Canada Services

VWK9 Academy Handler Education

Vapor Wake Trainer
Vapor Wake Certification

Vapor Wake® canine instructional academy in Anniston, Alabama is at the forefront of explosive detection canine education, conveniently located close to the Georgia state line and in close proximity to Atlanta International Airport, our courses are held year-round and open to Canadian police, military, private K9 security companies, and individuals.

Our diverse selection of courses includes the patented Vapor Wake® detection course, advanced handler education, single & dual purpose police dog handler training, and much more. To get more information on handler training courses click here, and take a look at our 320 acre center of excellence video tour below.

“Derek and the team at VWK9 were amazing, our new handlers spent 6 weeks in Anniston and returned with nothing but praise in relation to the facilities and in particular trainers Rob and Jessica, to top it off we got (2) amazing detection dogs in “Gus” and “Hanna”.

Cristy Coroa, President LTSK9

“A lot of people can breed dogs, but I’d rather have Auburn University scientists sitting next to me in a court of law than Billy Bob the Breeder from the Ozarks”.

Joe Walsh, Director of Security, St. Louis Cardinals

Had Vapor Wake® dogs being deployed in airports, they would certainly have stopped the underwear bomber in 2009. “These Dogs are game-changers”.

Chief Michael Downing, Los Angeles Police Department

“I ask myself whether the bombing in Manchester would have happened if there were Vapor Wake® dogs on duty. My answer, every time, is probably not.”

Tim Leiweke, Veteran Promoter

“Having Vapor Wake® dogs here makes the entire system safer, we can scan thousands of people without stopping the flow of traffic. They are the best bomb detection tool that we have”.

NYPD Transit Police, Inside Edition June 2016

“Your standard detection dog is primed to sniff at an object such as a backpack for explosives which has been abondoned or left in place, your Vapor Wake dog is trained to detect on that backpack as its on someones back and to follow that plume of vapors as its moving through a crowd, had a vapor wake dog been deployed at the corner as those two boston marathon bombers walked past, i think they would have alerted on them”.

Professor James Floyd, Canine Performance Science Program

Vapor Wake®  The Difference

There are three distinct and very different disciplines of EDD teams, all effective in their own unique deployment scenarios:

  • Standard EDD: These dogs screen productive areas such as buildings, trash bins, vehicles, parking lots, and luggage in open areas. These units do not see people as a productive search area.
  • Person-borne EDD: These dogs screen humans moving through a productive area, such as a queue at a security checkpoint but can sterotype and are intrusive, normally within 6 feet of a person. These canine units only search within one area.
  • Vapor Wake® EDD: Vapor Wake® units track the odor trail emitted by a body-worn explosive device or firearm, even through large crowds without restricting their flow of movement, to a Vapor Wake® dog the odors are as tangible as brighlty coloured ribbons are to the human eye.

Vapor Wake® canine instructional academy trains dogs that are capable of fulfilling all three explosives detection roles, making them the most versatile explosive detection K9 available today. If you’re interested in learning more, take a listen to our President Paul Hammond describe the differences below.

Vapor Wake Awards

The Puppy Program 

Who doesn’t love a good puppy story? Vapor Wake® has been patented by Auburn University and licensed by Auburn to VWK9 as their commercial partner. Vapor Wake® began with years of research, breeding, and testing at Auburn University’s Canine Performance Sciences (CPS) program. This technology is at the cutting edge of canine security training and provides an unparalleled service to security teams.

Our dogs undergo an 18-month training process which includes socialization, enviromentalization,  cognitive testing and fMRI’s and only the top 10% from each litter are forwarded to VWK9 for operational readiness and odor imprintation. As soon as a litter is born, our puppies’ training begins. Over the first 0-6 months, the future Vapor Wake® dogs go through extensive social and environmental raising, supervised by Auburn University staff. Puppies are exposed to a variety of stimuli and environments in order to prepare them to work in loud, distracting, and crowded environments without losing focus.

It doesn’t end there, between 6-12 months the puppies go to federal prisons, not because they are being punished, quite the opposite, again under the supervision of Auburn University department of veterinary medicine our puppies are paired with a pre-selected prisoner, under the federally regulated program our dogs live in prison for 6 months.

It’s after the now 12-month old dogs have satisfied all of Auburn and VWK9’s strict selection criteria and testing that they come to our Anniston center of excellence, it is here they begin their Vapor Wake® training in earnest, we prepare them operationally and imprint the scientific odors before pairing them with their dedicated handlers.

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Contact our Canadian Director of Operations

Derek O’Rourke

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Canadian Past Performance

Vapor Wake® services are deployed across the whole of North America in high-profile, high-traffic pedestrian areas such as train stations, universities, arenas, stadiums, theme parks, and corporate campuses.

Vapor Wake® teams provide a visible deterrent against terrorist and active shooter threats. VWK9 holds contracts with a number of prominent government agencies and private companies in the public transit, military, entertainment and sports sector in Canada.

Did you you know that Vapor Wake® K9 has three of its executive management team on Transport Canada’s working group on explosive detection dog handler teams? That’s more than any other K9 provider in Canada, this is a testament to our expertise in developing and contributing to K9 explosive & weapons detection programs.

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