Cargo Screening K9® Alliance

VWK9, LLC recognizes the significance of the global supply chain and its role in national security, protection of rights and freedoms, and influence on continued prosperity worldwide.

VWK9, LLC is the founder and managing partner of the Cargo Screening K9® Alliance. As the world’s most recognized innovative and forward-thinking canine service provider in the private sector, we bring advanced patented training protocols, experienced management team, information tracking systems and a full understanding of the complex requirements of each Regulated Entity and the challenges they face under the Third-Party Canine Cargo Screening Initiative. VWK9 is the only private sector canine company with a comprehensive counter terrorism canine program that leverages real world experience, advanced training protocols, and canine scenting ability to provide adaptive solution to address the most viable global and domestic terrorist threats we face today.

VWK9’s 320 Acre Canine Training Academy is in Anniston, Alabama and regionally located to support:

43 Airports

24 Water Ports

13,850 Miles of Freight Railroad

47 MPO’s (Metropolitan Planning Organizations)

Our comprehensive training program provides world renowned Handler and Supervisor Education that is tailorable to organizational needs. Our team is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the industry, providing the most desirable and principled Canine Program Consultancy available today. We manage a Professional Canine Academy, more than 10 operating sites, multiple regional/project management offices and mobile training centers.

We are the innovator of the body worn canine explosive detection capability Vapor Wake®

  • The only lab tested, and approved body worn explosive detection canine capability.
  • Exclusive rights to Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Science program, that provides us the unique capability of cutting edge innovations in canine behavior, odor recognition, and canine care.
  • VWK9 is a provider of Explosive Detection Canine Capabilities to various Government & Commercial entities to include, Major League Football, Major League Baseball, Collegiate Sporting Venues and Universities, Entertainment Arenas, Airport Authorities, Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, and Security Managers and their organizations worldwide.
  • Exclusive rights to Auburn’s scientifically developed and tested breeding program which allows for state of the art advancements in performance and proficiency our canines.


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