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Don’t Gamble With Your Patrons Safety

Our Elite Vapor Wake® Body-worn Explosives & Weapons Detection Capabilities Are Not Just Available to World Renowned Counter Terrorism Organizations? 

Hotels, resorts and casinos never close their doors and patrons come and go as they please, for the most part unchecked. As recent incidents around the world and at home have demonstrated, the need for increased unobtrusive security measures at these locations is paramount and poses significant challenges for security professionals.

VWK9 teams are used as part of layered security approach both for regular day to day operations and special events at a wide range of casinos, resorts and events around the world. Do you currently have a K9 capability gap? If you do not have the ability to mass screen for body-worn explosives and weapons then there is a high chance you do. 

  • Scientifically developed & patented program to detect body-worn explosives & weapons

  • The only laboratory tested K9 detection technology in the World

  • Vapor Wake® certification issued by a renowned veterinary university

  • Best in business liability insurance including terrorism perils

  • Dogs are trained on live substances only, including TATP, HMTD

  • International award nominees in the category of threat detection

  • Safety Act certified for our traditional EDD services

  • Executive management team with 100+ combined years of counter-terrorism strategy

Vapor Wake Resort Security

Vapor Wake® Resort Security

VWK9 Vapor Wake® teams offer a unique solution to the security challenges posed by resort layouts and operations. Rather than operating under restricted conditions and limited environments such as screening at access control points, Vapor Wake® teams can actively patrol and screen your entire property and your guests without them even being aware.

The Vapor Wake® training program produces the U.S patented elite explosives and weapons detection canines that follow the odor trails left by a person’s thermal plume, a technology that took over a decade of research and scientific testing in Auburn Univesity.

This technology is a vital risk mitigation tool for resort, casino and event security teams. With Vapor Wake®  teams, events, resorts, hotels and casino floors can maintain their open, relaxed environment while still offering a superior level of security coverage and K9 protection through our nonintrusive screening for explosives and weapons, just ask our clients below.

Vapor Wake K9 Handler

♠   PILB licensed in the State of Nevada #2622

♣   Registered Non- Gaming Vendor in the State of Maryland #V170304518

Casino K9 Security

Casinos are action-packed, exciting places. The casino floor is typically filled with flashing lights and loud noises, along with the hustle and bustle of patrons moving from table to table and machine to machine.

These distractions can make it difficult or impossible for people and surveillance cameras to track suspicious activity, weapons or an explosive device could go unseen and undetected until it’s too late due to environmental distractions, however, our scientifically trained and socialized Vapor Wake® dogs are taught to ignore these distractions.

Vapor Wake® K9 teams don’t need line of sight to zero in on a body-worn or carried explosive device or weapon. Instead, they track the unique odor of weapons and explosives and the presented odors are as clear and as tangible as brightly colored ribbons are to the human eye.

Dynamic Canine Services

Every casino and resort have differing security requirements. Whether you need to heighten measures around a few specific events a year, have seasonal demands, or the busy season is all year round, there’s a VWK9 solution for you.

VWK9 is different than other canine companies in that we don’t provide just one service. We are a full spectrum K9 company and offer excellence in both handler education and canine sales and services.

Given your security needs, it may make sense to purchase a Vapor Wake® canine and retain a trained handler on staff. Alternatively, if your property is looking for a canine team for ad-hoc events, part-time or full-time services, VWK9 has contract handler teams available at hourly rates.

Our traditional explosive detection canine teams and services carry Safety Act certification and VWK9 also carries the industry’s best liability insurance which also includes acts of terrorism perils.

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Permanent Vapor Wake® Placements

Facilities and organizations that would like to implement their own K9 force, VWK9 program development consultants offer expert advice and dynamic canine risk assessments to determine your program needs.

Our center of excellence in Anniston, Alabama holds regular handler education courses open to private organizations notwithstanding our unprecedented ability to supply clients with our superior dogs.

By having your own canine team on staff, you’ll have on-demand access to the enhanced security provided by a Vapor Wake® team whenever you need it.

For more information on registering for Vapor Wake® handler education courses, click here.

Contract Vapor Wake® Services

Most high profile events and festivals draw larger crowds to resorts and casinos. With these larger crowds comes heightened risk. VWK9 handler teams can be contracted for ad-hoc events, part-time or full-time services at affordable rates.

We supply our certified Vapor Wake® teams who are evaluated annually and both dog and handler have gone through our 18 months patented Vapor Wake® training process.

If you’re interested in hearing how VWK9 teams can improve risk mitigation measures at large events at your hotel or casino, then complete our contact form and we will be happy to answer all and any queries.

The Vapor Wake® Advantage

Vapor Wake® dogs go through extensive social and environmental raising, supervised by the Canine Performance Sciences staff of Auburn University. Puppies are exposed to a variety of stimuli and environments in order to prepare them to work in loud, distracting, and crowded environments without losing focus.

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Event K9 Security

Concerts, stage shows and corporate exhibitions can bring exceptionally large crowds to casinos and resorts. In addition to guests and patrons of casinos and restaurants on the premises, there’s a massive influx of event attendees flooding every area of your property. These large crowds are often difficult to contain without inhibiting guests’ access to amenities.

Vapor Wake® canines can integrate with your layered security approach to mitigate risks at these large events. First, VWK9 teams can screen the incoming equipment, crates, and packages. Next, they can screen your event staff at designated entry points, adding additional security in addition to magnetometers and bag searches. Finally, VWK9 teams can screen large crowds as they move unrestricted through areas like your resort plaza, a hotel lobby or a casino floor in a discrete, undisruptive and unobtrusive manner.

Is Vapor Wake® Right for your Resort or Casino Security Team?

Security is an increasingly important part of normal resort operations. The challenge is operating a facility that is meant to be a pleasant, accommodating place while still maintaining diligence.

Vapor Wake® canine teams present unobtrusive risk mitigation and K9 detection solution to combat the threat of body-worn and carried explosives and weapons. VWK9 presents an effective, efficient security measure both for contracted service deployments or as a permanent addition to your resort security team.

If you already have a K9 program, why not let VWK9 manage it for you? we can supply ex.Law Enforcement or Military K9 handlers, take the human resource element away from your busy scheduling department, manage the K9’s welfare as well as the welfare and training requirements of the handler, and VWK9 carries the industry’s best liability insurance including terrorism perils.

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