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News stories and blog posts showing how Vapor Wake weapon detection K9 unites are used by airport security around the United States to keep passengers safe. Vapor Wake dogs are trained to screen large crowds, making them a valuable tool in terminals that can see thousands of passengers every day. Vapor Wake dogs can screen more passengers faster and with less intrusion.

Vapor Wake’s weapon detection K9 units have been highlighted by a number of media outlets for their deployment in airport security teams, including WCVB in Boston. Our news archive collects all the latest updates on weapon detection technology and deployment of Vapor Wake dogs. Other common areas in which our dog handlers are used include concert security, sporting events, and antiterrorism units in major cities.

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Vapor Detection Canines Speed Up Chicago Airport Security Screening

With multiple pieces of luggage in hand, the regular passenger queues with mild horror every time he or she gets into an airport security line. The line is often long, and sometimes items from a bag are deemed suspicious by security officers only to have to return them once everything is cleared. At Chicago airports, [...]

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