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News stories and blog posts that highlight past successes of Vapor Wake weapons detection K9s are archived here. These articles show how police departments around the United States deploy canines trained by Vapor Wake to detect explosive devices at sporting events and concerts, in mass transit facilities, and more. Our K9 teams have a proven success rate and have been featured by a number of industry blogs and news outlets.

Vapor Wake weapons detection K9s are specially trained to track explosives on moving targets. They also are socialized to perform in high-traffic environments, making them ideal for fast, efficient detection of deadly weapons in busy places. Vapor Wake weapons detections K9s are used by a number of law enforcement and security teams across the country, including the New York Police Department’s counterterrorism unit, Notre Dame Security Police, the Detroit Police Department, and more.

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Riverchase Galleria Adds Vapor Detection Public Safety Canines to Detect Weapons

Hoover, Alabama— Canines trained in the Vapor Detection Public Safety Canine Program will be deployed at Riverchase Galleria in Hoover to detect explosives and carried firearms. These Vapor Detection Canines are part of a set of sweeping security reforms Riverchase Galleria management is implementing after an 8 year-old boy was killed in a shooting on [...]

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Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) Adds Vapor Detection Canines to Their Department

Originally published in The Observer. Click here to view original article. Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) implemented a K-9 program this semester to add another layer of security to its operations. The two black Labrador retrievers who were recently added to the police department — 3-year-old Skeet and 18-month-old Toxi — are NDSP’s first security dogs, Clark [...]

Anti-Terrorism Security: Meet the Patented Pups Supporting the NYPD

VWK9’s Vapor Detection canines protected spectators at the 2017 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. If you watched the 91st Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, there’s a good chance you didn’t notice one of the parade’s interesting features because it wasn’t as conspicuous as the six-story Snoopy lumbering through the air thanks to 300,000 to 700,000 cubic feet [...]

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