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Here are blog posts regarding some of the unique situations in which Vapor Wake’s explosive detection canines are used by law enforcement and security teams across the United States. Vapor Wake K9 units are trained to track down explosives on moving targets and our dogs are socialized to work in large crowds and high-traffic areas. This makes Vapor Wake dogs superior to other explosive detection canines, who are typically trained to work in one “productive area” and with static objects.

Vapor Wake K9 units are deployed by venue security for numerous sports teams, including the Detroit Tigers, Chicago Cubs, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Dallas Cowboys. In addition to sports venues, Vapor Wake K9 dogs and handlers are active on police department counterterrorism units, concert security details, and transportation security.

We regularly update our site to include blog posts and news stories on the latest successes of Vapor Wake explosive detection canines. To see more stories, click here.