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At Vapor Wake we’re proud to see our K9 units serving the community. Below you’ll find news stories and blog posts showing how Vapor Wake detection canine units go on to find success in local law enforcement and security teams. Dogs who were trained at our facility are hard at work every day in sports venues, mass transit systems, concerts, and other high-traffic areas to keep the public safe.

Vapor Wake detection canines receive unique training to work in busy places with large crowds. Unlike other dogs who work in one static location, Vapor Wake K9s are trained to find body-worn explosives and track the odor itself. This allows them to be mobile and track dangerous weapons as they move quickly through groups of people. Vapor Wake detection canines are vital members of the Lexington Police Department, Fort Collins Police Services, New York City Police Department, and more.

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Coconut Creek Police Department Introduces Its First Vapor Detection School Safety Dog®

Officer Leonard with K9 Taylor Coconut Creek, Fl. – The Coconut Creek Police Department would like to welcome its new School Safety Dog®, “Taylor,” to the team! Taylor’s addition to our School Resource Officer (SRO) team makes her handler, SRO Michael Leonard, the first SRO in the nation to be trained and actively [...]

Officer Tilly: Vapor Detection in Lexington, Kentucky

In June 2017, the Lexington Police Department debuted their newest addition, a four-legged furry friend armed with a state-of-the-art training and a discriminating nose. At Rupp Arena, Tilly, the two-year-old Lab was showcased to the city and police officials. Tilly the Vapor Detection Dog Certified Vapor Detection dogs are rigorously trained to track and sniff [...]

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Gunnar: Bomb Detecting Dog at Fort Collins Police Services (FCPS)

Fort Collins Police Services happily reported that they had added a K9 to their team named Gunnar. A black Labrador retriever, Gunnar is 21-months old and came from the highly acclaimed Auburn University K9 breeding and training program in exclusive partnership with  VWK9, LLC. Getting to Know Gunnar Gunnar was selected from a dedicated breeding [...]

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