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Use the form below to contact us regarding our handler training courses. We offer a wide variety of courses throughout the year, with topics ranging from explosive detection to narcotics detection.

Training opportunities are available to all handlers, including local, state, and federal law enforcement officers and private security officers.

About Vapor Detection

Vapor Detection is the industry leader in weapons detection canine training. Our patented training methods produce K9 units that survey massive crowds with unrestricted movement, increasing security with minimal impact on the guest experience. A Vapor Detection K9 screens non-obtrusively by sampling the air around people. They are obedient to the odor itself, do not see people as searchable objects and follow explosive odors to their source. A Vapor Detection Labrador is scientifically bred by Auburn University and typically undergoes a Patented18 month environmental & detection training process, each step is deliberate and essential to achieving the results that earn the canine the coveted title of Vapor Detection® and be representative of the VWK9 team, that holds the highest industry standard of proficiency for body-worn explosive detection.

Our courses range in scope and specialty and allow handlers and their canine partner to receive the industry’s best training in narcotics detection, explosive detection, and more. Vapor Detection training courses are held regularly throughout the year and are open to all canine handlers, including police, search and rescue, military, and private security.