Michigan State University and Notre Dame might battle it out on the court but where campus safety is concerned, both their police departments put on a unified front. Both schools welcome their new addition, Vapor Detection canine teams.

On the Court Rivalry

Just November last year, their basketball teams fiercely competed at the ACC-Big Ten Challenge with Notre Dame Fighting Irish prevailing over the Michigan State Spartans. This rivalry doesn’t extend off the court, though. In fact, they have joined in together, and have both recently added bomb-sniffing dogs to their campus police make their campuses safe. Their police departments have joined forces to conduct training for our Vapor Detection Explosive Detection Canines to use them in their schools for additional safety.

What is Vapor Detection Detection Technology?

dogs and safety notre dame michigan state police vapor wake explosive detection sports teamsScientists have claimed that dogs are the best detectors of explosives and similar hazardous materials. With our Vapor Detection Detection Technology, dogs are trained to sniff the air and locate explosives in and around people and their surrounding environments. First created at Auburn University, our detection technology has been used in large public spaces like sports stadiums and train stations to locate bombs that are either carried or body-worn by an individual. These highly trained and specialized canines are now adding value to college and university campus security programs, to secure their sporting and other collegiate events that often have higher attendance numbers than professional sports such as NFL and MLB.

What are Vapor Detection Dogs?

Dogs are among the animals with the strongest sense of smell. They are also capable of being trained by humans. That explains why K9s are ubiquitous in military and police operations. Not all K9s are Vapor Detection Dogs, though. Of the ten K9s in Michigan State’s police department, only one of them is a certified Vapor Detection Dog. Her name is Cora, a yellow Labrador retriever. Notre Dame has two, Skeet and Toxi and both are black Labradors. These campus Vapor Detection Dogs can detect the presence of explosives being carried or worn by humans that are moving in crowds in large public areas.  VW canines and handlers go through our extensive and rigorous training programs and are ultimately paired and certified together as a team before going out into the public.

Campus Safety Trailblazers

Our Vapor Detection Detection is a relatively new technology, so the majority of institutions in the U.S. have yet to use it on their campuses. Michigan State and Notre Dame are among the early ones to invest in research and training to be able to employ them on the campus grounds in a safety effort for teachers, staff, students, and guests.

dogs and safety campus security explosive detection dogs vapor wake

Vapor Detection Dogs Provide Peace of Mind for Sports Teams

Last year, the NCAA women’s basketball finals were between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Michigan Spartans. A huge crowd watched as both teams tried to outscore the other and tension was palpable throughout the game. The Fighting Irish did better, scoring 90 points to defeat The Spartans who settled with 59 points. In their respective campuses, however, the air was clear, as three police officers and their VW canines patrolled the grounds to ensure the safety of the players and their avid fans.  

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