New York’s police force gets help in tracking bombers and the explosives they have left behind through well-trained dogs to amp security measures in the largest city in the US.

Vapor Detection Dogs

Our canines are capable of sniffing the air for explosives and explosive materials in large areas with high pedestrian traffic. Unlike other police K9s, our Vapor Detection dogs can track explosive odors to the source whether the person is carrying the explosives by hand or concealing it to his or her body, or they have moved it through an area and left it behind.

Response to Terrorist Threats

Vapor Detection canines are being used in private security roles, and by Major Police Departments Nationwide, in response to the increased terrorist threats. Shooting incidents such as the synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh or the Columbine tragedy or to recall further, the infamous 9/11 event has motivated police departments all over the country to address future threats more effectively. Vapor Detection Dogs might be the state-of-the-art answer to that need in fighting terrorism in NYC.

Keeping Peace in Public Spaces

Our Vapor Detection Dogs have been employed for over a decade in public spaces like airports, stadiums, mass transit, colleges and universities, and entertainment venues. Canines that are selected to become Vapor Detection Dogs are in the top 10% of all canines, they have an exceptional drive and sniffing ability and can work in high pedestrian traffic areas.  The New York Police Department has teamed up with eight trained Labrador retrievers to patrol the New York streets to deter potential threats and identify active risks. The VW Labradors are fresh from intensive training at Auburn University and VWK9. VW canines are the most adored breed in America, they are Labradors and are well tolerated by the public and non-threatening. “They seem like friendly dogs; they appear to be friendly dogs,” Auburn University researcher Paul Waggoner who is part of the Vapor Detection Detection Technology training staff emphasized.

Helpful in Crowded Events

The demand for our VW canines will continue to grow exponentially as attendance at popular tourists events grows, like Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July. Before VW canines, these events presented a police logistical challenge considering the massive crowds. VW canines will provide an unobtrusive screening capability, as our Labradors walk seemingly carelessly to the onlooker through the crowds, enhancing security operations and mitigating risks. Having these VW teams has become a cause for positive excitement and brought a feeling of well-being to the thousands of people who visit Time Square, and other tourist areas throughout NYC.

Secrecy is Key for the Dogs Fighting Terrorism

To maximize the NYPD’s ability to mitigate risk, and police effectively NYPD is not divulging where and when these VW teams will be employed.  Their locations and schedules are considered a well-kept secret unless you should happen to come across one of these teams in your travels. We are thankful and humbled to see one of the biggest cities in the world securing their streets with Vapor Detection Canines.

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