Thanksgiving day parade celebrations are made up of family, friends, and even man’s best friends, dogs. Many of us that gather for holiday festivities are thankful for the long weekend, the time spent amongst those we care about, and the time off from our workplace.  Many of our canine companions that join us in our home’s are just that our companions, our cherished family pets, and beloved service animals. But what about those canines with jobs, important jobs, the ones that work hand in hand with law enforcement agencies to keep communities safe?  This is the case with our Vapor Detection canines, that were busy working one of the most infamous American Cultural Events the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Not Your Normal Police K9

Dogs, have been utilized throughout history because of their impeccable sense of smell and have been cherished partners to our military members and law enforcement officers performing a myriad of tasks,  that in turn have saved countless American lives. Canines have been employed in support of military and police operations for detection, protection and other roles dating back to the civil war. In today’s society canines can be found at places such as Thanksgiving Day in New York, our canine officers called Vapor Detection dogs are walking through the massive crowds in and amongst the thousands of onlookers working, unbeknownst to the public these canines are searching for explosives and explosive material being worn or carried by individuals in the crowd.  These canines are specially trained to locate those individuals moving freely among us, that intend to do harm and to direct their human partner to the source of the threat.

Trained for Safety in Large Spaces

Created and patented at Auburn University, our exclusive Vapor Detection Detection Technology involves training dogs for nearly 18 months so that they earn the coveted title of Vapor Detection, that is recognized around the world as the most advanced explosive detection canine capability available today. Where safety programs are concerned, and in a climate that has become increasingly vulnerable to terrorism, several scientists claim that these dogs are the best security devices any police department can possibly have. Vapor Detection Dogs can be found working with law enforcement, professional sporting venues, entertainment arena’s and colleges and universities across the nation to enhance existing public safety programs.  


“If we’re talking about detection work, the dog is not just a nose, it’s not just a portable sniffing device,” Emory University George Burns, who has worked with dog behavior for years, says. “There’s a sentient creature on the end of that nose and that creature has to communicate with human beings and do all sorts of cognitive processing.”

VWK9 Wishes You a Happy and Safe Holiday Season

In large cities that attract tourists from all over the world, policing can provide several unique challenges.  In New York, NY the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is especially challenging given the sheer number of onlookers along the extensive parade route. But celebrating this event this year should be worry-free for its attendees. They can gawk at the awesome floats, colorful costumes and the falloons (that’s a short term for the gigantic floating balloons). Because walking amongst them are our lovable but fierce Vapor Detection dogs that will ensure peace and safety as the City of New York celebrates Thanksgiving.

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