VWK9 Training Center and Academy

Our Anniston, AL training center and academy is one of the largest commercial facilities dedicated to canine training and handler education in the United States.  The Alabama training center and academy is staffed with a seasoned management team, 9 instructors/trainers, a veterinarian technician and 6 kennel technicians.

20+ full-Time Operational Staff

320 Acres of Training Land

6 Auditorium / Classrooms

40+ Office Spaces

IED Threat Room

Canine Science and Research Department

Canine Performance and Conditioning Suites

150+ Kennel run System

EOD Bomb Range

Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Threat Room

Training Center Venues Include:

150+ Vehicle Training Lot

200+ Acres Open Training Areas

4 Warehouses / Cargo

2 Simulation Areas

6 Imprintation Compounds

Environmental Conditioning Suites

Operational Scenario Compound

VWK9 Training Center and Academy conducts training in various off-site facilities including amusement parks, arenas, shopping malls, stadiums and Mass Transit Areas. This prepares all our canines to work in active high pedestrian traffic venues and to eliminate the canine’s response to distracting stimuli to include, people, animals, noise, food, and operational area ambient noises.