Fort Collins Police Services happily reported that they had added a K9 to their team named Gunnar. A black Labrador retriever, Gunnar is 21-months old and came from the highly acclaimed Auburn University K9 breeding and training program in exclusive partnership with  VWK9, LLC.

Getting to Know Gunnar

Gunnar was selected from a dedicated breeding program, put through a set of rigorous selection criteria and further participated in an extensive patented training process which earned him the coveted title of Vapor Wake® Explosive Detection Canine. This patented training process was designed to teach canines how to unobtrusively screen large moving pedestrian crowds for body-worn or carried explosives.

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Photo: Fort Collins Police Service

Vapor Wake® Explosive Detection through years of dedicated research is a proven concept, that utilizes the heat plumes that omit from an individual as they are moving, locating the parts per trillion of  explosive particles that are being left in this “wake” to identify an individual that is wearing or carrying an explosive, and the Vapor Wake® Explosive Detection Canine is trained to follow the odor of explosives to the source.

Gunnar can also serve in a traditional explosive detection canine role in support of the Fort Collins, community. Gunnar has been paired with FCPS handler after an intensive 2-month handler training program, which resulted in the certification of this new Vapor Wake® team. You can find Gunnar and his human counterpart working in many of the high-foot-traffic areas in and around the Fort Collins community.

Fort Collins Police Services

According to Chief Terry Jones, “The special event scene in Fort Collins continues to grow, and Gunnar will help provide an additional level of security at large community gatherings.”

As a side note, Gunnar is not trained to apprehend suspects or search for narcotics.  He is specifically designed to search non-obtrusively for body-worn or carried explosives amongst pedestrians, or in areas where they may have been statically left behind.

For the duration of Gunnar’s career, as well as other Fort Collins Police K9s, they are going to live with their handlers. Aside from Gunnar, the FCPS also has four other canines who are skilled in suspect apprehension as well as narcotics detection.

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