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Our Anniston, AL training center and academy is one of the largest commercial facilities dedicated to canine training and handler education in the United States.  Our facility includes 180 kennels and 250,000 square feet of indoor training facilities.  We are situated on 320 Acres and just a short drive from Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport.

Knowledge, proficiency, and technical expertise serve as the foundation for professional canine handlers around the globe. VWK9 Academy is an industry recognized premier provider of basic and advanced handler/trainer and supervisor education.  We empower handlers and trainers with instructional programs derived from real world experience, lessons learned, and innovative techniques that allow organizations to establish, maintain and grow their canine programs.

VWK9 Academy has over 80 years of  combined unrivaled  experience with the employment and utilization of detection canines in hostile environments, around the world. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to client needs, and  understand that  knowledge, operational environments, and threat levels vary greatly among organizations  We are able to develop and implement training courses specific to organizational needs and provide a wide-array of solutions at our Academy as well as  on location maintenance and advanced training, operational certification, basic/advanced course instruction, and 3-5-day instructional seminars through our mobile training teams.

Beyond our Operational experience, our key trainers  were involved in the  concept development and inception of Auburn University’s initial Vapor Wake® Breeding and Patented Training Program.  These individuals are listed on the patent issued by the Unites States Patent Office, bringing a wealth of knowledge on the background, development and delivery of this technology.  Our Key Training Team was also instrumental in the concept development of TSA’s current Passenger Screening Canine Program.

VWK9 is the innovator of body-worn explosive detection and the only provider in the industry that has actively deployed Vapor Wake® Canines for Mass Pedestrian Screening for the last decade.  Vapor Wake Canines are the only lab tested scientifically proven explosive detection canine, and our patented technology and training processes are a direct reflection of our unwavering commitment to excellence. 

We take pride in each of our canines and handlers and go to great lengths to maintain the highest of selection criteria, advanced training protocols and processes that are critical in the proficiency and professionalism of our VW/EDCT’s, and we apply these same standards of excellence to our Law Enforcement Canines (LE-K9) that have diverse requirements that vary within capability.  

VWK9 Academy Canine Handler Training

VWK9 Academy offers courses for canine handlers of all experience levels year round. Courses offered include introductory courses designed to teach the basics and best practices for utilizing detection canines in various deployment scenarios including explosives, firearm, and narcotics detection. VWK9 Academy is the only academy in the world that offers training courses in the patented Vapor Wake® non-obtrusive detection capability.

A brief description of all VWK9 Academy courses offered in 2020 can be found below. If you’re interested in receiving more information about a specific course, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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Vapor Wake® K9 Handler Courses

These courses are intensive courses deigned to teach the skills necessary to operate as a Vapor Wake® handler team. This non-obtrusive detection capability was developed in conjunction with the Auburn University Animal Sciences program. Vapor Wake® detection dogs are scientifically bred for detection capabilities and evaluated on a 27-point protocol. Vapor Wake® has been evaluated and certified by the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4). VWK9 is the first and only canine service provider to be NCS4 lab tested and certified.

Vapor Wake® detection courses are open to active law enforcement, military, and qualifying security personnel.

Vapor Wake® Explosive Detection Canine
Handlers Course

vapor wake detection dog
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Vapor Wake®
Supervisor’s Course

vapor wake bomb dog supervisors course
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Basic K9 Handler Courses

These courses are designed to teach handlers the skills necessary to effectively deploy a canine unit in various capacities. These courses are open to qualifying military, security, and law enforcement personnel who are developing a specific canine skillset. Courses range from four to seven weeks and include lectures, practical exercises, and a final performance review. Handlers will receive a certificate of completion upon passing the final exam.

Single Purpose Explosive Detection Canine Handlers Course

detection dog bomb dog training
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Single Purpose Narcotics Detection Canine Handlers Course

single purpose canine handler training
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Dual Purpose Patrol Explosive Detection Dog Handlers Course

dual purpose k9 handler course
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Dual Purpose Narcotics Detection Dog
Handlers Course

narcotics detection k9 drug dog training
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Multi-Purpose Canine Handlers Course

multi-purpose detection canine
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Detection Dog Trainers Course

dual purpose k9 detection dog
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Specialized Courses

These specialized courses offer intensive instruction in one aspect of canine training and deployment for experienced canine handlers and canine department managers/supervisors. VWK9 Academy’s specialized courses cover a wide range of topics including methodologies for imprinting odors, handler selection and scheduling, department management, and operating in high-risk scenarios.

Advanced Explosive Detection Canine Handlers Course

vapor wake Edd k9 handler course
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Supervisors Course

dog kennel supervisor course
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Person-Borne Explosive Detection Course

bomb sniffing dogs explosive detection canine
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2020 – 2021 Course Registration is Now Open

VWK9 Academy is accepting qualifying applicants for all 2020 – 2021 course dates. For more information on our course offerings, fill out the form below and one of our sales representatives will be in touch.

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