John Pearce | VWK9 Alabama | Cargo Screening K9

John Pearce

Director of Operations

John Pearce is Director of Operations John successfully led two major canine training centers, Auburn University Canine Detection Training Center (2002-2013) and the Transportation Security Administration’s Explosives Detection Canine Team Program Handler Course at Lackland AFB (1999 – 2002). John has over 36 years in the working dog industry but first served 23 years in the United States Air Force as a Military Working Dog Handler, Trainer, Instructor and FAA/TSA Evaluator. He developed, authored and executed canine detection evaluations and quality control standards for DoD, TSA and Auburn University. He has assisted other federal programs with initial program development to include explosive detection standards and quality control for the US Coast Guard and Federal Protective Service. He was also instrumental in the development of evaluation guidelines for Amtrak.

Over the years, John’s experience in the working dog industry has focused on canine and handler training through course development and development of comprehensive evaluation systems for quality control. .John is recognized as an industry expert as he was selected to serve as a member of the Scientific Working Group on Dog and Orthogonal detector Guidelines (SWGDOG). As an Executive Board Member, he led the development of Best Practices on the Selection of Handlers, Handler Training, Instructor Training and Canine Career Field Progression System. John is also a current member of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Organization of Scientific Area Committee for Canines.

John’s greatest strengths is his ability to design large program quality control and assurance standards that compliment law enforcement and security operations, while leading instructors and evaluators in the scheduling and execution of instruction and evaluations.