Weapons Detection K9 Sales

Vapor Wake K9s protect the American way of life by providing full turn-key solutions for weapons detection at all venues, large and small. Our specially trained canine teams allow for the screening of mass crowds and traditional search, while preserving the right of freedom of movement for fans and patrons who attend professional sporting events, open access public venues, intercollegiate and interscholastic athletics, entertainment arenas, as well as the enhancement of private sector security firm offerings.

About Vapor Wake Canines

A Vapor Wake canine  screens non-obtrusively by sampling the air around people. VWK9s are obedient to the odor itself and are focused on following the weapon odor to source.  Our Labradors are scientifically bred by Auburn University and typically undergo a patented 18 month environmental & detection training process.  Each step is deliberate and essential to achieving the results, earning the canine. VWK9 proudly holds the highest industry standard of proficiency for detection of body worn/carried weapons and incendiary devices.

During the training course, Vapor Wake canines receive extensive socialization and learn to investigate various environments for reward.  Our canines are continuously evaluated to tailor further development of training programs and protocols that provide our canines the greatest advantage to succeed. These canines are bred for physiological, psychological and sociological traits that enhance their ability to operate in high pedestrian traffic venues, with emphasis on producing detection dogs that exemplify strong independent search capabilities and obedience to odor.

We take great pride in our exclusivity with Auburn University’s Canine Performance Science breeding program.  Approximately 70% of all our “green” canines are from a genetically researched and clinically backed breeding program, we have consistently outperformed the industry and exceeded norms for acceptance rates with all our clients.

VWK9s in Action

Vapor Wake canines are in action every day for diverse clients including Major League Baseball, universities, collegiate sporting venues, entertainment arenas, airport authorities, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, and security managers worldwide. Additionally,VWK9 also provides narcotics detection canines and dual-purpose canines in support of local, state and federal law enforcement community policing and counter-terrorism programs.

VWK9s have been used in high-profile events with massive crowds, including the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, NCAA basketball, and at major airports like Logan International Airport.

Purchasing a VWK9

There are a number of options when purchasing a canine from Vapor Wake. If your organization is interested in adding a VWK9 dog to your team, contact us today using the form below and we will send more information on how to find the perfect fit for your needs. We also offer handler training courses to maximize the effectiveness of your new weapons detection canine team. For more information on handler training, click here.


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