Derek O’Rourke

Margaret Trudrung

Director of Education

Margaret Trudrung is the Director of Education. With over 15 years’ experience, Margaret has trained and instructed courses for a wide array of government, law enforcement, science, and commercial working dog programs.

Margaret has held Senior Trainer and Instructor positions at major canine training centers such as Auburn University Canine Detection Training Center, AMK9 and Vapor Detection K9. She is respected for her knowledge and innovative training techniques; specifically related to the detection of body worn explosives. Throughout her career she has oversaw the selection, training, certification, and instruction of 2,500 plus dog teams.

Margaret has been involved in the canine industry from a young age, dedicating her life to the training and understanding of working dogs. A background in competitive dog sports has provided her an opportunity to learn and develop skills under the tutelage of a diverse group of industry leaders. During her career, Margaret has successfully competed and titled dogs in multiple venues, including the American Kennel Club, IGP and the United States Dog Agility Association.