Kristie Dober VWK9 Dog Training

Kristie Dober

Director of Business Development

Kristie Dober is Director of Business Development at Cargo Screening K9, LLC (CSK9™). She is responsible for building long-term value with CSK9s clients, markets and relationships. She also conducts research and analysis of industry trends in addition to identifying strategic, expansion, and organizational opportunities. Kristie is also in charge of the management of sales, data, and proposals.

Kristie has served in various roles throughout her 25 years in the working dog industry. As an industry recognized expert, she served as a combat developer for the United States Army and played an intricate role in the development of the U.S. Army’s Military Working Dog program. Kristie served in multiple Department of Defense working groups, studies, and analyses that provided key information for capability development and deployment of over 2000 military working dogs.

She utilizes her technical, analytical, and acquisition program knowledge in areas of documentation, organization, training, and procurement to advise, develop and implement Law enforcement and Private Sector Working Dog Programs. She has also served in key advisory roles for national and international physical security and non-lethal weapons programs.

Kristie’s greatest strengths are relationship building, organization, innovation, and problem-solving skills. She is passionate about her work and actively pursues avenues that will advance her knowledge in key the areas of security, global and domestic terrorism, and industry developments. This is all in order to provide superior service to our clients and a positive impact on the working dog industry.