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The NY Times had a nice piece about our Vapor Detection Prison Program.

OPELIKA, Ala. — All dressed up in a shiny new red shirt, little Opelika could not stand still in the anteroom of the City Council chambers. And who could blame her? In a few minutes she would meet the mayor of this Alabama city for which she is named. Her meltingly calm mother, Lily, ignored her fidgeting.

They were being honored this day for their community service, and midway through the presentation, as little ones will do, Opelika stole the show from the starchy lawmakers: She barked.

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AMTRAK has over 30 million passengers a year and they use Vapor Detection:

auburn university Amtrak vapor wake dog securityFor 25 years, Auburn’s College of Veterinary Medicine has had a canine detection program, building on science and research to grow it into today’s internationally respected leader in the research and training of working dogs. This summer Vapor Detection detection technology, created by researchers and canine training experts at Auburn, received a U.S. patent.

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Notre Dame Campus Purchases Vapor Detection®

Past Performance | VWK9 Alabama | Vapor Detection Prison ProgramNOTRE DAME — They’re called the future of security at big events. The University of Notre Dame will soon use Vapor-Wake dogs on campus.

WSBT 22’s Leanne Tokars has an exclusive first look at these specially-trained dogs.

The university just got two of these dogs– the only dogs of this kind right now in Indiana.

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NYPD Deploys Vapor Detection Dogs to Sniff Out Bombs

Coconut Creek Police Department Introduces Its First Vapor Detection School Safety Dog®

Officer Leonard with K9 Taylor Coconut Creek, Fl. – The Coconut Creek Police Department would like to welcome its new School Safety Dog®, “Taylor,” [...]

Dogs and Safety Unite Rival Schools

Michigan State University and Notre Dame might battle it out on the court but where campus safety is concerned, both their police departments put on a [...]

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