Public Safety Canines™

VWK9 has been the industry leader in mass pedestrian screening for nearly two decades. Our Vapor Explosive Detection Dog, was introduced in 2002, innovative training techniques and protocols, paired with cutting edge science and operational objectives produced the first, unobtrusive mass screening canine capability available. This capability was developed to address the growing threat of suicide bombers when Richard Reid, the “shoe bomber,” attempted to detonate a shoe bomb on an American Airlines flight in 2001.

The traveling public was inundated with the implementation of extreme security measures to address the Nation’s newest threat our Vapor Explosive Detection Dogs allowed for the screening of mass pedestrian crowds moving unrestricted, without further impeding the already strained public. Our earliest Vapor Explosive Detection Canines were deployed in support of mass transit hubs in airports and rail stations throughout the country. The use of Vapor Detection Dogs, has expanded year on year in support of law enforcement, collegiate, and professional sporting events, entertainment, and multiple areas of public and private security.

Weapons Detection K9

Our Vapor Detection Canines are the most advanced and dynamic K9 capability available. They are proven to foster an overall sense of well-being amongst visitors. They have little impact on daily operations, mitigate risk while acting as a deterrent, and provides a secure environment with limited restrictions and freedom of movement.

The last two decades have brought unprecedented threats to the general public. The severity of gun violence to include active shooter incidents, continues to increase exponentially. Workplaces, college campuses, schools, shopping malls, theaters, concerts, and places of worship were once considered safe havens for people to socialize. In recent years these places have become soft targets for acts of violence and are increasingly likely to experience the devastation left in the wake of an active shooter.

VWK9 believes that many of these incidents can be prevented. We have nearly two decades of experience providing innovative solutions to ever-changing real-world threats. We have leveraged our advanced technology, training protocols and a canine scenting ability to address the viable domestic threat of active shooters and other related gun violence. We have developed the first Public Safety Canine Detection Program™.

Our Public Safety Canines™ are single-purpose non-threatening “floppy-eared” canines. Our k9s chosen explicitly for these roles either through our exclusive partnerships, breeding program or through our very own scientifically proven procurement process. Every canine selected to serve in a public safety role is placed in a rigorous environmental and social conditioning process before entering the detection phase of training. This process allows for canines that are highly sociable, friendly, focused, engaged, and able to work with few limitations in a variety of public areas with little distraction.

Vapor Explosive Detection Canines + Firearms

weapons detection dog

Our Public Safety Canines™ is the most advanced detection capability available today. Public Safety Canines™ allow for unobtrusive mass screening of crowds for unauthorized firearms and other incendiary devices in areas of public interest to protect innocent lives and reduce the human cost associated with increasing gun violence across our Nation. Our Public Safety Canine™ Detection Program developed to provide solutions to Public Safety Professionals who charged with keeping the general public safe from harm. Our Public Safety Canine Detection Program™ built on foundational principals, statistical data, and long-term National studies in efforts to reduce the greatest amount of risk in populated areas of public interest. Our Public Safety Canine Detection Program™ is also designed to be adaptable to meet specific challenges and concerns that arise within a volatile political and social climate.

Public Safety Canines & Social Distancing Compliance

Our Public Safety Canines™ is capable of screening mass crowds while maintaining social distancing measures implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the use of our technology and advanced training protocols, our Public Safety Canines™ do not see people as a productive area of search, unlike canines that are referred to as person borne or people search canines. Our Public Safety Canines™ searches the air around people for odors in the heat plumes that omit from a person while passing through an area. This allows for safe social distancing measures while avoiding pitfalls often perceived as screening bias. Public Safety Canines™ provides concealed firearms detection in areas of public interest, whether the weapon is worn or carried. Public Safety Canines™ detects odors while continuing to move through the area at a normal rate, which provides a mobile deterrent and visual representation to patrons that provoke feelings of safety and wellness.

Protecting Soft Targets

Soft target areas of public interest, such as workplaces, school campuses, theme parks, shopping malls, sporting, and entertainment venues, can implement a Public Safety Canine Detection Program™ as an additional security measure. Working in coordination with existing security plans with little to no impact on daily operations or the freedoms and liberties of individuals that live, work and socialize in their supporting communities.

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Public Safety Canine Detection Program™ is a proven
way to prevent mass tragedies.

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