Security managers across the country must ask a difficult question: how do you provide an adequate level of security while also allowing patrons the space to enjoy themselves? Vapor Detection K9 teams provide the perfect solution to mitigate risks at massive events with minimal impact on the patron experience through the deployment of our Vapor Detection Explosive Detection Canines (VW/EDC).

Vapor Detection K9 teams are deployed across the country in arenas and stadiums for NHL, MLB, NFL, and MLS games, as well as concerts and other major events.

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Hard Targets and Soft Targets

Most public spaces are considered “soft targets,” which means they are vulnerable to military or terrorist attacks. A soft target is characterized by freely moving crowds, easy entry and exit points, and a low or nonexistent security personnel presence. A “hard target,” on the other hand is designed to be impenetrable—think of most federal buildings or military installations—and are characterized by highly visible security, metal detectors, screening areas, and limited access and mobility for visitors.

While hard targets make attacks difficult or impossible, increased security inhibits the freedom of movement for patrons and may actually increase public anxiety. Stadiums and arenas are meant to be fun places where thousands of people can escape the stress of everyday life and enjoy a sporting event or concert. So, how do you harden these targets without distracting from the customer experience?

Vapor Detection K9 Security Services

Vapor Detection uses a patented training process to produce dogs who react to the odor of body-worn or carried explosives as they move through open spaces. This differs from the traditional Explosive Detection Canines (EDC) or Person-Borne Improvised Explosive Detection Canines (PB-IEDC) that are confined to productive areas that inhibit people’s freedom of movement, hurting the customer experience. VW-K9 teams unobtrusively screen large, unrestricted crowds and foster a positive, secure environment for patrons and workers.

Vapor Detection has been evaluated and certified by the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4). Vapor Detection is the first and only canine service provider to be NCS4 lab tested and certified.

Stadium Security

Stadium security demands have increased substantially over the past decade. Many sports leagues mandate all venues provide detection canines for every event.

When securing stadiums, the job starts long before the game clock starts, and extends beyond the front gate. Stadiums have large parking lots and thousands of yards of corridors to be swept. Tens or hundreds of thousands of people come and go, walking through massive concourses in a disorderly fashion. Forcing these thousands of people into thorough body scans and winding queues would be time consuming and ruin the fan experience.

Vapor Detection K9 teams offer an effective way to actively survey these open spaces throughout the entire operating day for stadiums of any size.

Football Stadium Security

During the 2018 season, NFL stadiums across the United States averaged between 32,000 and 91,000 attendees per game, making football the most attended sport in the country. NFL stadiums present unique security challenges due to their immense size and high profile. Stadium sizes and layouts vary greatly, from open-air facilities to movable domes and fully-enclosed stadiums. Football stadiums have hundreds of entrances with fans, maintenance, vendors, players, and team personnel coming and going throughout the course of the day.

Vapor Detection teams provided security for the 2019 Super Bowl and are on patrol at various stadiums during every regular-season and playoff game. VWK9 services provide the best way to scan for dangerous devices without distracting from the biggest spectacle in American sports.

Baseball Stadium Security

Major League Baseball mandates that all game day security teams have a canine handler. The baseball season is far longer than any other sport in the United States, with teams playing 162 games in a season. To cover the six-month long regular season and postseason, teams need dedicated canine security services year after year.

Vapor Detection K9 teams are currently in service for teams including the Detroit Tigers, Saint Louis Cardinals, and Texas Rangers and protected millions of fans across the country during the 2018 season. As baseball stadiums become multi-faceted facilities with restaurants, amusement areas, and dozens of attractions aside from the action on the field, it is vital to patrol and scan each area quickly and efficiently. VWK9 teams can cover a large area in a fraction of the time it would take a normal detection dog, allowing security teams to cover more ground and better serve the thousands of baseball fans in attendance every game.

Arena Security

Arenas are versatile spaces, with many venues holding hockey games, basketball games, and concerts—often within one week.

Security demands and concerns vary wildly from one arena use to the other, and canine teams must be versatile and adaptable to keep up. While most canine teams can only provide one type of service—whether it is scanning stationary objects or nearby people—Vapor Detection dogs are trained for three types of deployment. No matter what is needed of a VWK9 team, they can rise to the unique challenges of every arena event.

Sports Arena Security

While MLS, NBA, and NHL events are typically smaller in scale than baseball and football, their security demands are no less significant. Sports arenas fill up with tens of thousands of fans multiple times a week. Arenas are rapidly transitioning from one-attraction venues to spectacular spaces filled with food courts, shopping areas, interactive areas, and many more attractions.
Vapor Detection canines can cover all of these mixed use areas without impeding the flow of foot traffic or disrupting fan enjoyment. As a full experience becomes the standard in arena sports, VWK9 is a partner that provides the ideal amount of risk mitigation with a subtle presence.

Concert Security

Concert security provides perhaps one of the most challenging and chaotic environments for any security team to cover. Concert audiences are often given wide-ranging access to the arena and general admission areas can make up a significant portion of the event space. While it would be easy for the average detection dog to lose a target in a concert crowd, VWK9 dogs hone in on the subtle odors given off by weapons and explosives and can trace them to a specific person in a cod, just like a person could follow someone wearing extremely potent perfume.

K9 Detection Services

Vapor Detection canines are scientifically bred exclusively for our program by Auburn University. At our training facility, they undergo a 28-day training cycle to ensure they are imprinted and trained to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE)-prescribed NORT standard. Once they complete this training regimen, they undergo advanced VW/EDC training.

VWK9 units are trained using live explosives to detect all of the five families of explosives, as well as homemade devices. Our canines receive daily reinforcement and weekly maintenance training, as well as quarterly proficiency tests.

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Canine Explosive Detection Teams

Vapor Detection trained and maintained explosive detection canine teams are available for contract services at all arenas and stadiums.

Vapor Detection handlers undergo a rigorous training course with 280 hours of team training with their canine partner. Handler training includes explosives safety, IED recognition, special event operational and environmental training, and more.

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