Vapor Explosive Detection & Firearm Detection Canine Team Services

VWK9 offers Vapor Detection technology for explosives and/or Firearms detection. This technology involves the use of canines that are specially trained to detect explosives and/or firearms worn or carried by people in concealment. VWK9 Team Services work cooperatively with existing security programs and provide an additional proven screening capability. 

Our innovation has kept VWK9 at the forefront of the industry and has allowed us to leverage a canines scenting ability to address the most likely threats in public spaces we face today.

  • Traditional EDD
  • Body-worn Explosive Detection
  • Vapor Explosive/Firearm Detection Dogs
  • Public Safety Canine™
  • School Safety Dog®
  • Cargo Screening Canine

About Vapor Detection

A Vapor Detection K9 screens large areas and massive crowds without inhibiting movement by sampling the air around people. They are obedient to the odor given off by concealed firearms or explosive devices and do not see people as searchable objects. This means our Vapor Detection K9s ignore irrelevant targets or objects and follow odors directly to their source.

Our Vapor Detection dogs represent the top 10% of all Detection Canines available worldwide.  Our environmental & detection training process is second to none.  Each step is deliberate and essential to achieving the results that earn the canine the coveted title of a  Vapor Detection dog and be representative of the VWK9 team, which holds the highest industry standard of proficiency for body-worn explosive detection.

VWK9 holds contracts with some of the largest organizations in the United States and abroad, including professional sports, concert venues, public/private security organizations, colleges, public school systems,  mass transit hubs, and support a wide array of events where large groups of people gather publicly or privately for special events. VWK9 is the fastest-growing company in the canine industry.

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