More people are choosing air travel to go places, and an increasing number of travelers means daily transit pedestrian in airports is growing.  Currently, Logan International Airport caters to over 1,100 flights on a daily basis with an estimated 105,000 travelers that travel to, from or through the airport.

The airport operates very much like its own mini-city, housing its own police unit as well as their own fire department. It has a workforce of 17,000 employees, and Logan International understands the necessity of making the security of its travelers and employees top priority.

TSA Innovation Site

Logan International Airport is regarded as a TSA innovation site. TSA Innovation sites are designated airports where TSA is engaging with authorities and carriers to implement prototype technology and processes.


Since 1975, explosive detection canines have been employed for the security of travelers and workers alike. Currently, the airport is deploying the latest technology in Body-worn Explosive Detection called Vapor Detection dogs to ensure passenger safety. Vapor Detection dogs are an innovative security solution for airports because of their ability to detect explosives on a person while in transit. VW explosive detection canines are exclusively bred and trained in the United States by Auburn University and VWK9. Their skilled training enables them to detect and locate the source of an explosive odor that is moving in high traffic areas of thousands of people versus traditional explosive detection canines that can only sense statically placed explosives.

It will be interesting to see what other technologies Logan International Airport deploys and how Vapor Detection canines will be implemented in other airports around the world.

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