With subway attacks on the rise, cities have been in search for a solution to help mitigate increased risk. Vapor Detection Canines give a whole new meaning to man’s best friend. Our Vapor Detection dogs are well-trained to pick-up the scent of explosives even in high-pedestrian-traffic areas. Our canines have proven to be an objective early warning system that is much more successful than other “high-tech” options.

Vapor Detection Explosive Detection Canines

The NYPD’s counterterrorism unit employs over a dozen Vapor Detection dogs. These dogs are highly-trained to follow the scent of an explosive, including TATP—the current bomb of choice by terrorists. The Dogs’ sense of smell is highly evolved with over 200-million different sensors. In comparison, the human nose only has 0.5% of that (5 million different sensors). Even though dogs do get distracted and get tired, no current technology can equal their capability in sniffing explosives.

What makes Vapor Detection dogs different from the usual bomb-sniffing dogs is that they can pinpoint explosives on a moving target. While the traditional bomb-sniffing dogs are trained to detect only statically placed explosives.  

Theoretically, other animals with specialized sniffing capabilities can be used like rats and elephants. But, convenience and suitability also play a major role in their usability and effectivity. Canines are special because of their relationship with us, humans.

Why Vapor Detection Dogs are Protecting Against Subway Attacks?

Although Vapor Detection dogs were developed nearly a decade ago, the processing of breeding and training takes time. Currently, there are 150 Vapor Detection dogs with patented training employed throughout the country. Vapor Detection dogs are being used to secure airports around the globe, and are seeing tremendous success in South Africa.  


With over 400 subway stations and millions of riders, it can be surmised that very few of the subway system employs Vapor Detection dogs. And obviously for security reasons, the NYPD will not divulge the exact number of these dogs currently being used and in which transit system.

New York has the most advanced technology when it comes to countering terrorism. With around 36,000 officers and counterterrorism analysts, they have the capacity to spot a bag sitting for a while with the help of a surveillance footage and a highly sophisticated computer system.

How do you get a Vapor Detection dog?

The demand for Vapor Detection dogs is on the rise, with the threat against the U.S. increasing.  Intelligence suggests that terrorists are targeting areas where mass crowds gather for a variety of reasons.  This is exactly why Vapor Detection dogs were created, to provide an unobtrusive mass screening capability for body-worn or carried explosives in high pedestrian traffic venues, while individuals are allowed to maintain freedom of movement.

Vapor Detection canines can cost around $50,000 each. Their certification is good for one year, after which they need to be recertified with their handler to test operational proficiency.  If you would like to learn more about the patented Vapor Detection canine technology and how it is best employed to protect your venue please contact us today.

Inspired by www.businessinsider.com