With multiple pieces of luggage in hand, the regular passenger queues with mild horror every time he or she gets into an airport security line. The line is often long, and sometimes items from a bag are deemed suspicious by security officers only to have to return them once everything is cleared. At Chicago airports, fidgeting at joining these lines might be over. O’Hare and Midway are improving airport security screening quickly with Vapor Detection dogs.

PreCheck Controversy

TSA uses a program called PreCheck that allowed low-risk passengers to skip the line that makes them remove items like shoes or belts. This was to address the problem of extremely long lines in airports, especially in peak travel season. But over time, this might not have solved the problem of crowd control, and people were questioning the process of who gets PreCheck passes. As a result, some of PreCheck was quietly dropped and replaced with special explosion detection canines.

Vapor Detection Dogs

vapor wake airport security screeningTo replace PreCheck, dogs are now prowling the airports to detect body worn or carried explosives. These are not ordinary K9s though. They are our Vapor Detection Dogs. These labradors went through training at Auburn University which patented Vapor Detection Technology. Our labradors had to learn how to sniff explosives or explosive materials in the air in a large area and then track their sources. Vapor Detection Dogs have already been used in large spaces like sports stadiums and train stations for security purposes. Now, their excellent olfactory senses are making Chicago airport security screening safer.

Airport Security Screening Dogs 

At security lines, devices are no longer the only thing doing contraband detection. VW canines will sniff their way through passengers as the people wait in line to get through TSA security screening. Our Vapor Detection Dogs will make these security lines faster as people will no longer hear the dreaded pings from machines which mean retracing their steps for security clearance. There’s also the matter of their friendly appearance which will elicit warmth rather than fear from passengers.

Improving Airport Security Technology

The adoption of Vapor Detection Dogs might have improved shortening the lines in airport security, but TSA won’t stop with their canine allies. They are now eyeing other possibilities. One of them might be London’s Heathrow Airport’s screening technology. Just how cutting edge is it? Called Computed Tomography or CT scanners, these devices might end a practice that started in 2006: the liquid ban. In many airports all over the world, there is still a minimal amount that can be allowed in planes (100 ml), but with CT scanners, this amount may no longer be applicable. Gone will be the days when a passenger had to drop precious items behind for security reasons should CT scanners begin inspecting baggage. With friendly dogs that can make lines faster and scanners that will allow you to carry enough sun-screen lotion for days, airport security screening has come a long way, indeed.

Inspired by abc7chicago.com