Late last week AMK9’s Government Services Division was purchased by Constellis. The Vapor Detection® division is not included as part of this transaction, and will continue to provide it’s best-in-class services from its 320 acre K9 Training Academy located in Anniston, AL under the direction of the parent company, ITC Capital Partners®. The Vapor Detection® division has experienced significant demand and growth in recent years due to the ever increasing body-worn explosive threat. Vapor Detection® will operate under its new company brand – VWK9.

“Vapor Detection® is not part of the transaction with Constellis, and we will continue to provide our world-class service to customers all over the world, without disruption,” said Paul Hammond, President of Canine Services and Vapor Detection® for VWK9 LLC.

In 2014, Auburn University was awarded the patent for the Vapor Detection® technology. Through an exclusive licensing arrangement, ITC Capital Partners® became the commercial partner to bring the Vapor Detection® technology to the market. ITC Capital Partners® still has this exclusive license with Auburn University, and will continue to market and sell the Vapor Detection® brand via VWK9.

About Vapor Detection® Division

Vapor Detection® detection is the method and system for detecting explosives and other illicit substances. Vapor Detection working dogs are specifically trained to detect body worn explosives on a moving target. Unlike traditional EDD teams, trained to view static objects or people as their “productive area”, Vapor Detection® dogs are obedient to the odor itself.

This is what enables a Vapor Detection canine to consistently and effectively do what others cannot: follow an explosive target to its source in real time, while the target is in motion. Additionally, Vapor Detection® dogs have been socially and environmentally raised to work in high-flow pedestrian areas. Because of this, they can accurately screen hundreds of people passing through an entry point in a nonintrusive way. Follow us on social media: