What do Apple CEO Tim Cook, Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, American Idol Taylor Hicks and a Labrador named Bell have in common? All of them have received training at Auburn University in Alabama. But while all the three humans are accomplished in their fields, no one among them is known for fighting terrorist threats like Bell.

Bell is among the dogs at Auburn University who were trained to be Vapor Detection Labradors. Our VW dogs are capable of sniffing explosives or explosive materials in the air, in large areas and can track their sources, whether the source is stationary or are moving. This skill is harnessed over months of training at Auburn University and our Vapor Detection Academy. A Vapor Detection Dog training investment is typically around $18,000 to $20,000. In reality, that’s not so much if you consider what these K9s can do for peace and security.

The Growth of Vapor Detection Labradors

These days, our Vapor Detection Dogs can be seen in many public spaces like sports stadiums, airports, train stations, and other areas where large crowds gather for a variety of reasons. They patrol the areas unobtrusively amongst the masses of people searching the air for potential threats.

Labradors are the choice of dogs for this task. Auburn’s scientific research has found out that they have the behavior for our extensive training as well as the right physical strength for the job. It also doesn’t hurt that they look cute. When in large areas, people don’t get frightened seeing them. “They seem like friendly dogs, they appear to be friendly dogs,” Auburn University researcher Paul Waggoner, who is part of the Vapor Detection Detection Technology training staff, emphasized.

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Vapor Detection Detection Technology

Dogs are already considered as among the animals with the most robust sense of smell. With training under our VW detection technology, they can upgrade their olfactory sense to fight terrorist threats such as suicide bombers and mass shooters. How good are our canines? For one, they can ignore police officers lawfully carrying weapons but can pursue humans carrying the same, on their bodies or in their hands. They can also do it quickly. With a police officer as a partner, a Vapor Detection Dog can stop a potential terrorist right away.

Fighting Terrorism with Vapor Detection Labradors

The world has seen a series of incidents which cost many human lives. There have been bombings in Thailand, Bolivia, and Algeria. And in the U.S. there is a rising number of mass shooting events in the last decade. Police and Military forces have to look at new and innovative ways to prevent attacks like these in the future. Our lovable Labradors might be the step in the right direction.

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