VWK9 is the premier provider of Vapor Detection® Explosive Detection Canines also knowns as VW/EDC. These canines have the capability to carry out mass screening in high-pedestrian traffic areas for carried or body-worn explosives. VWK9s training techniques and protocols are so advanced allowing them to leverage the scenting capability of canines to address the increased global and domestic threats that sports security professionals face today.

In fact, this safety threat is widely recognized and accepted as viable, many professional sports organizations have issued mandated directives for the use of explosive detection canine screenings within stadiums, arenas, and home fields. Consequently, these directives also come with a price in the form of the need for know-how regarding deployment, utilization, and selection of the right type of canine explosive detection competence alongside increased security costs.

The Three Explosive Detection Canine Types

  • Traditional Explosive Detection Canine: These canines are best suited to screen for statically placed explosives within buildings, vehicles, and luggage.
  • People Screening Canines: These canines are best suited for static or slow-moving lines of people, that are within a controlled environment so that the canine can search within a limited range to detect explosives on an individual.
  • Vapor Detection® Canines: These canines were explicitly designed with the sports industry in mind, wherein large crowds are moving unrestricted through an area, where an intrusive search or long security lines hurt the fan experience.  These canines undergo an extensive patented 18-month process that allows them to search large crowds moving in an unrestricted manner for body-worn or carried explosives. These canines have the unique ability to also serve in a role of the traditional explosive detection canine, which makes them twice as effective.

How Can Professional Sports Organizations Choose the Right Canine?

vapor wake vwk9 security canine k9 professional sports detroit tigers michigan state Choosing the right canine for professional sports organizations is imperative. Not only is the safety of their fans top priority but much of their business depends on positive fan experience. This is where Vapor Detection® Explosive Detection Canines provide the sports industry with a joint solution, unobtrusive screening that doesn’t limit the fan experience and offers the most advanced Explosive Detection Canine Capability available today.

Illitch Holdings, Inc.—the brilliant mind behind proven success.

It all started with the vision of Rick Fenton in 2014 who anticipated the increased security requirements and began looking into various canine service providers. Due diligence led to the selection of Vapor Detection® Explosive Detection Canines, and the first three canines were purchased by Illitch holdings and donated to law enforcement agencies throughout Detroit. In 2016, the success of the VW/EDC was evident and led to additional VW/EDC teams with organizations such as Michigan State Police, Michigan State University, and Wayne State University.

In 2017, the canines’ success in mitigating safety concerns throughout various areas in the state of Michigan, Rick Fenton the VP of Security for Illitch holdings employed 3 Full -Time VW/EDC  certified teams, under a turnkey K9 service solution to support the Detroit Tigers. In 2018 the VW/EDC program was again expanded, and  Vapor Detection® Canines are proudly supporting various entertainment and sporting venues throughout the Detroit area. Michigan is home to 14  VW/EDC  teams and can be found with state and local law enforcement, colleges and universities, and actively engaged in communities throughout Michigan.

The continued efforts and community first thinking of  Rick Fenton has made Michigan fans among the safest in the nation with Vapor Detection® Canines provided by VWK9. Currently, VWK9 is pursuing a Department of Homeland Security Safety Act Designation to raise the bar further.

Original Article: issuu.com/2018

Photo Credits: Gameday Security Magazine