Situated on 320 acres and conveniently located in Aniston, Alabama within close proximity to Atlanta international airport. VWK9 is one of the fastest growing canine companies in the industry today, we offer excellence in handler education and canine sales. Maintaining a world, renowned training staff with over Eighty years of combined operational experience.

We offer certified training courses in multiple disciplines to include single, dual and multi-purpose canine handler courses, Vapor Detection® Explosive Detection Canine Handler, advanced explosive handler, canine trainer, and kennel supervisor.

We all fully licensed by ATF and DEA with a state of the art certified storage facility and train both handler and canine with live substances. Our world-renowned canine procurement network and our exclusive partnership with Auburn University’s breeding program ensures that VWK9 selects only the top 10% of canines available for purchase anywhere in the world. Our academy boasts 175,000 square feet of dedicated canine training buildings, multiple purpose-built live simulation areas, an EOD bomb range, IED threat room, dedicated vehicle lots and access to local businesses to perform realistic scenarios for practice and testing purposes.

We have a 151-kennel system complete with individual climate-controlled zones, integrated PA system for environmental conditioning, full kitchen suites, dishwashers, refrigeration, bath stations, and electronic grading systems. Our on-site veterinary clinic can deal with routine to intermediate canine triage.

Our canine performance and roading program and conditioning suites ensure canines exceed all industry standards for operational endurance. We have an exclusive partnership with Auburn University’s Canine Performance Science Program which includes the patented body one explosive detection technology, Vapor Detection®. Our canine team services currently operate across 30 sites throughout the United States offering an unmatched full turn-key solution for clients requiring canine services on a per event, part-time and full-time basis.

Whether you’re looking for your next premium canine, advancing your handler education or deploying canine team services. VWK9 offers the best-in-class solution.