VWK9 Firearms Detection Canines

Vapor Wake® has been the industry leader in mass pedestrian firearms detection and explosives screening for over a decade. VWK9s are obedient to the odor given off by firearms and explosives itself and are focused on following the weapon odor to its source. The Unobtrusive screening Vapor Wake® canines provide fosters an overall sense of well-being amongst visitors, has little impact on daily operations, mitigates risks while acting as a deterrent, and provides a balanced solution in a volatile political and social environment.

VWK9 offers two types of Weapons Detection Canines: Firearms Detection K9s and Vapor Wake® Explosive Detection Canines + Weapons. Every Labrador chosen for these roles is scientifically bred by Auburn University and typically put through a patented 18 month environmental & detection training process. Our advanced training protocols and techniques have allowed VWK9 to leverage our advanced technology and the canines’ scenting ability to address the most viable domestic and global threats we face today, including body-worn/carried explosive devices in pedestrian crowds, static improvised explosives, and active shooters.

Weapons Detection K9

Vapor Wake® Explosive Detection Canines + Firearms

weapons detection dogVWEDC + Firearms are the most advanced detection capability available today. These canines allow for unobtrusive mass screening of crowds for body-worn/carried explosives and firearms, as well as the ability to perform searches in the role of a traditional Explosive Detection Canine. The VWEDC + Firearms provides for cost effective, efficient, unobtrusive screening capability for protection against some of the largest global and domestic terrorist threats we face today.

Our canines are capable of screening massive crowds due to our patented technology and training protocols. Unlike the typical explosive detection canine, Vapor Wake® canines  do not see people as a productive search area, which allows for continued freedom of movement while the canine searches for odors in the heat plumes that omit from a person while passing through an area. This means K9 teams search large areas, not just one static object.

Firearms Detection Canines

VWK9 proudly holds the highest industry standard of proficiency, for detection of body worn/carried firearms and incendiary devices. Our Firearms Detection Canines are developed using proven training protocols and techniques derived from our Vapor Wake® technology. Our WDC provide concealed firearms detection in large crowds, whether the weapon is worn or carried. VWK9s follow odors while continuing to move through the area at a normal rate. This allows sports venues, theme parks, mass transit systems, and other areas with large crowds to provide an added security measure and minimize risks as a soft target at lower costs than existing metal detection technology, without impeding traffic.

Protecting Soft Targets

Many areas with large crowds are known as “soft targets,” meaning they are relatively unprotected against a variety of threats including terrorist attacks and mass shootings. Travel destinations, entertainment arenas, sporting venues, school campuses, places of tourism, and other large leisure events where patrons gather are among these soft targets. VWK9 is the Sole canine provider for protection of the world’s most recognized amusement parks & well-known corporate entities. With mass shootings on the rise in the United States, prevention methods like firearms detection canines are an absolute necessity for security providers.

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Vapor Wake® Firearms Detection Canines are a proven way to prevent mass tragedies.

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