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VWK9 Weapons Detection Canines

Unobtrusive screening by canines fosters an overall sense of well-being amongst visitors, has little impact on daily operations, mitigates risks while acting as a deterrent, and provides a balanced solution in a volatile political and social environment.

VWK9 offers two types of Weapons Detection Canines: Weapons Detection K9s and Vapor Wake® Explosive Detection Canines + Weapons. Descriptions of the two types are outlined below.

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Vapor Wake® Explosive Detection Canines + Weapons

VWEDC + Weapons are the most advanced detection capability available today. These canines allow for unobtrusive mass screening of crowds for body-worn/ carried explosives and weapons, as well as the ability to perform searches in the roll of a traditional Explosive Detection Canine. The VWEDC + Weapons provides for cost effective, proficient, unobtrusive screening capability for protection against THREE of the global and domestic terrorist threats we face today. The unobtrusive search capability of these canines is due to our training protocols wherein the canine does not see people as a productive search area, which allows for continued freedom of movement while the canine searches for odors in the heat plumes that omit from a person while passing through an area.

Weapons Detection Canine

Our Weapons Detection Canines are developed utilizing proven training protocols and techniques derived from our Vapor® Wake technology. Our WDC provide the ability to unobtrusively screen mass crowds for weapons being carried on a person or their belongings while transiting an area.

VWK9’s Weapons Detection Canines, deliver a balanced and layered security plan approach. Our Weapons Detection Canines powered by our Vapor Wake® technology allow for the unobtrusive screening of individuals that may be carrying weapons on their person or in their belongings, while continuing to move through the area at a normal rate. It allows the organization to provide added security measure to minimize risks as a soft target at lower costs than existing metal detection technology that by design impedes traffic flow.

  • The attack at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino marked the 38th mass shooting incident in 2017.
  • The U.S makes up less than 5% of the world’s population, we hold 31% globally of mass shooters.
  • Americans own 48% of the civilian guns worldwide.
  • 46% of Mass Shooting incidents occur in business/retail/entertainment establishments.
Weapons Detection K9s | VWK9 Alabama | Weapons Detection Canines
Weapons Detection K9s | VWK9 Alabama | Weapons Detection Canines


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